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Every name has a song and we have it.  My name is Lawrence Martinez and I have had the honor of putting together 1 Minute of Bling for each name. Why should you purchase 1 Minute of Bling from me??!!

‘Cuz it ROCKS, that’s why.

No joke, the name you choose (which may be yours or someone you know) will be done with STYLE, have a HIGH CALIBER and will be full of real, relevant lyrics for the name of your choice.

Who am I, who is this Lawrence Martinez?? I’m a born lyricist and have been in bands that have made a difference.  I’ve been able to grace the same stages, in the same show, as Sublime, 311, Korn, Deftones, Papa Roach, Incubus….I could go on.  What truly matters, however, is you being at peace with knowing the 1 Minute of Bling you’re getting is coming from a legit source and guaranteed FRESH.

That name may be yours or it may belong to someone you know.  Feel free to check out what we have here, purchase it and ENJOY.  It’ll be around forever.  You can pop it in the car and surprise the heck out of your significant brother…or sister…or yes, other.  You can have it in the middle of the playlist at the birthday party of the unexpecting guest.�� You get the idea and your idea will most likely be better!  Yes, gifts like this are nothing new, HOWEVER…..they absolutely will NOT be as LEGIT as what you’ll find here. Speaking of legit, rad, dope, sick, wicked, killer and epic—you can send us on yobling is carefully crafted and specifically tailored to the personal meaning and feeling of the name. The main feature is that these blings are personalized and can be used as a ringtone or song.



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